Radius Forming Tools / Profile Forming Tools

new_trans_radius_forming_toolAmerican Diamond radius dressing tools are manufactured to the highest standards of precision. The high quality diamonds used are either shaped to specifications or are natural diamonds selected for a particular radius requirement. Dead center mounting insures absolute accuracy of the radius being dressed and eliminates time consuming set-up delays. 

  • SIDEMOUNT (CD Series) designed to swing-form any portion of an internal radius up to 180 degrees.
  • CONCAVE DRESSER (R Series) ideal for swing-forming all internal radii up to 90 degrees of a full 1/2 circle.
  • FORMED CONCAVE DRESSER with the radius formed on the stone, this tool is used with single plunge action and is designed to eliminate the extra time required to set up ordinary swing-forming radius tools. Available in Series HR (‘/of a full radius) and Series FR (full radius).